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Skilled Nursing
Advanced Home Health Care Agency is proud to offer our patients the expertise of specifically trained and certified nurse specialists in Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Cardiac Care, Pain Management and Wound Care Management; nurses experienced in home health care;
Home care begins with a referral from a physician. The nurse is responsible for:
  • Assessing the patient’s condition and needs,
  • Developing and managing a mutually agreed upon care plan to meet those needs,
  • Providing the skilled care required, and
  • Offering the patient and family and/or caregivers education and information to maintain the patient’s health, safety and independence.
Our nurses respond to a variety of clinical needs, including medication management, post-surgical care, and disease management and care. In addition to providing the necessary clinical care, the goal of the home care nurse is to teach the patient self-management skills to better care for him/herself.

All   Advanced Home Health Care Agency nurses are required to participate in ongoing education and training to keep up-to-date on current trends and practices, as well as undergo regular competency testing.

Our patient satisfaction survey, sent to each patient upon discharge, illustrates that our patients are more than pleased with the level of care delivered by our clinicians.

Home Health Aide

These staff members are trained and certified to provide a wide range of personal care services under the supervision of a registered nurse.
  • Bathing
  • Grooming
  • Skin care
  • Hygiene matters
  • Program solving
  • Activities of daily living
  • Strengthening

These services are available only in conjunction with nursing or rehabilitation services.

Rehabilitative Services
Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy
Many patients need rehabilitative services after they are discharged from the hospital. These services are administered by our registered and licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists. Our therapists, working closely with our Multidisciplinary Care Team, provide the necessary support, education, and often provide home safety evaluations.
Advanced Home  Health Care Agency provides services to patients recuperating from hip or knee replacements, strokes, and bone fractures; patients who have undergone recent surgical procedures (e.g., orthopedic, vascular, cardiac); patients sustaining traumatic injuries, such as head injuries or neurological illness and patients who need instruction and training in performing activities of daily living.

Physical Therapists (PT)
 Help patients regain strength and mobility after an accident, fall, surgery or illness. Patients are taught therapeutic exercises to improve their balance and gait as well as transfer safely from bed to chair, chair to bed, etc. The physical therapist also recommends adaptive equipment to aid the patient in achieving goals. The Physical Therapist treats clients to relieve pain, develop and restore function and maintain maximum performance through a personalized rehabilitation plan.
The patient’s home is also assessed and the physical therapist makes recommendations and suggestions to provide a safe and risk-free environment. Families and caregivers are also taught exercises and techniques that can help the patient.

Fall Prevention Program

If you or a loved one has recently fallen or are concerned about preventing a fall, Advanced Home Health Care Agency’s rehabilitation team can assist in conducting a home safety evaluation and if/when necessary implementing a comprehensive treatment plan, creating an exercise program to follow specific protocol to promote optimal health and quality life.

Occupational Therapists (OT)
Focuses on the restoration of the functional aspects of daily living.  Their areas of expertise include fine motor coordination, perceptual motor skills, sensory testing and all activities of daily living. OTs coordinate the use of adaptive and assistive equipment in the home so patients are able to better dress, wash and feed themselves. Through their care and training, they enable the patient to stay in their home as long as possible.

Speech Therapists (ST)
Concentrate on swallowing and speech issues resulting from an illness or injury. Their expertise and guidance assists the patient in restoring and developing skills that have been weakened or compromised. The speech therapist also offers the patient support and education.

Medical Social Services
Services to help you with social and emotional concerns related to your illness. This might include counseling or help in finding resources in your community.

Dementia Care
Alzheimer's is a disease that causes a slow onset of dementia. Patients with this disease in the early stages or other types of early dementia can often be cared for in their own home where they are more comfortable. By caring for these patients at home substantial nursing home expenses can be prevented and the patient is able to remain surrounded by things that are familiar to them. AHHCA is a Connecticut-based home health agency that will maintain a dementia's daily routine while working to reduce stress and other circumstances that can aggravate dementia symptoms.
Diabetic Monitoring and Teaching
Advanced Home Health Care Agency diabetes nurses can help their patients control their disease with appropriate diet, exercise and medications. Nurses treat Type I and Type II diabetes and their related issues and provide care and guidelines for monitoring diabetics who experience acute or chronic complications, as well as those who need help with lifestyle management to avoid complications such as cardiovascular disease, diabetic nephropathy, visual impairment and diabetic foot disease.

Advanced Home Health Care Agency cardiac nurses are skilled and knowledgeable in the treatment, education and rehabilitation of patients with cardio-pulmonary disease. Together with the patient’s physician, our team can implement a plan of care based on the specific health needs and individual circumstances of each patient.

Wound Care Management
Advanced Home Health Care Agency wound care nurses have received extensive training in the treatment of chronic wounds. A nurse would assess the wound, consult with the patient’s physician to develop a plan of care and provide treatment and advice regarding infection prevention, injury prevention as well as appropriate nutrition to enhance the healing process
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